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Huuurrr...let's see if I can actually do one per day.

Day 1: Favorite male Character:
Kikyo and Jager~ <3 Bermuda and Hibari come in a close third.

Day 2: Favorite female Character:
Lal Mirch. Definitely. She can actually fight.

Day 3: Favorite arc:
Current one~ The Arcobaleno Arc~

Day 4: Favorite Famiglia:
Vindice <3333 :la:

Day 5: Least Favorite male Character:
Whoever reading this is going to hate me forever but...Byakuran. ._. He should die. <3

Day 6: Least favorite female character:
Kyoko or Haru. Useless, stupid, weak... -.- Ugh.

Day 7: Favorite minor character:
Eheheh... Excluding the ones listed above, Fran probably. So adorable! <3

Day 8: Favorite fight:
Hyper Duo vs Daemon Spade! >v<

Day 9: Favorite villain:
Hmmm...with repetitions, Kikyo and Jager. Without repetitions, probably Xanxus~ <3

Day 10: Favorite arcobaleno:
Bermuda. Did you even have to ask?

Day 11: Favorite box weapon:
lsdjfakljs ALL OF THEM! ; A ; But I LOVE Tsuna's cloak and Yammamoto's swords...OH! AND ROLL! And Fran's box weapon! <333333

Day 12: Favorite ship:
X99 FTW!|D Others: 10099, 6918, 6996, 2700, ColloLal... XD Lots

Day 13: Favorite flame (sky, rain, storm, sun, lightning, cloud, mist):

Day 14: Favorite vongola member:
Hibari~ >w<

Day 15: Favorite Koukuyo gang member:
Pineapple! :dummy: Mukuro~ >w<

Day 16: Favorite shimon member:
I'm not a huge fan of any of them, personally. :/ But if I had to chose, probably Adel or Enma.

Day 17: Favorite varia member:
Fran or Xanxus~ >w< It's a tie~

Day 18: Favorite millefiore member:

Day 19: Favorite mafia boss:
Does Bermuda count? XD

Day 20: Anime or manga?

Day 21: Least favorite vongola member:
Guardian-wise, Lambo or Ryohei. ._. Annoying...

Day 22: Least favorite shimon member:
Everyone that isn't Adel or Enma. XD

Day 23: Least favorite arcobaleno:
Hmm... I like them all. >.< kldjfal;sjd So hard... QQ Verde?

Day 24: Least favorite varia member:
Moustache Levi.

Day 25: Funniest moment/episode:
When Uni trolled Gamma and called him her mother. XD

Day 26: saddest moment/episode:
NONE. NEVER. Well, maybe that episode where they just arrived TYL and saw that Tsuna seemed to be dead.

Day 27: Favorite opening:
Tie between Last Cross and Easy Go

Day 28: Favorite ending:

Day 29: Favorite quote:
Your resolution has been accepted. To flourish or perish It's up to you now.

Day 30: Why do you like katekyo hitman reborn?
ldkfa'sdfklajsd Do I actually need to have a reason? The plot, the action, the art, the fighting, the characters, Kikyo!

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You want to RP? I want to RP. We should RP.
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tickitoki Aug 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi Sherry, how's life? :)
Good~ How's college?
It's okay. I just wrote a journal post about it. How's art class?
Don't go at the same time as Tiffany now. T.T Kinda boring...
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